Microcomputers -- Lectures

Lecture Topic Files
Lecture 1 Number Systems and Digital Logic Review PDF
Lecture 2 Introduction to the PIC24 Microcontroller Family PDF
Lecture 3 Logical and Control Operations PDF
Lecture 4 General Purpose Input/Output and PIC24 Parallel I/O (PIO) Ports PDF
  Exam #1 Sample Questions PDF
  Exam #1 Sample Questions (with solutions) PDF
Lecture 5 PIC24 Startup PDF
Lecture 6 PIC24 Interrupts PDF
  Square wave output on Microstick II squarewave.c
  Switch debounce with LED toggle on Microstick II ledtoggle_timer.c
  Software FSM with semaphore on Microstick II ledsw1_timer.c
Lecture 7 Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion PDF
  Analog-to-Digital Conversion (10-bit mode) adc_test.c
  Analog-to-Digital Conversion (12-bit mode) adc_test_12bit.c
  ADC and SPI DAC Conversion Test adc_spidac_test.c
Lecture 8 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Communications PDF
  Microchip 24LC515 I2C EEPROM Test mcp24lc515_i2c_eeprom.c
  Exam #2 Sample Questions PDF
  Exam #2 Sample Questions (with solutions) PDF

Useful Documents and Files

Document Description
70157F.pdf 16-bit MCU and DSC Programmer’s Reference Manual
70293G.pdf PIC24HJ128GPX02 Datasheet
c30_users_guide_51284f.pdf MPLAB C30 C Compiler User’s Guide
Microstick2_Terminal_Emulator.pdf Using the PIC24 Microstick II with a Terminal Emulator
putty.exe PuTTY Terminal Emulator Program