Microchip Software

In this course we will use the MPLAB C compiler and the MPLAB IDE for software development, testing and debugging. You may install these programs on your home PC/laptop for use outside the classroom and laboratory environment. When installing the software, the MPLAB IDE should be installed first.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the MPLAB IDE by extracting files from the archive and then running the setup program.
  2. Install the MPLAB C Compiler
  3. Install the PIC24 Library
  4. Install the PCB Artist software for schematic entry and PCB layout.

The Microsoft Windows operating system is required for the software used in this course. If you do not already have Windows, it is available free to UA students through the Microsoft Imagine program. See https://oit.ua.edu/software/dreamspark/ for details. ECE and CS students also have access to this program through departmental Microsoft Imagine accounts.

If you are having problems installing MPLAB, please note the following. Windows now includes a font scaling feature that the installer has problems with unless font scaling is set to 100%. Try this:

  1. From the Control Panel select Display.
  2. On the Display window select "Set a custom scaling level".
  3. Set the level to 100%.

It make be necessary to logout and/or reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.